Why choose 29inch electric bike?

Why choose 29inch electric bike? - GUNAI

MTBs with 29 inch wheels are often referred to as 29er mountain bikes. In short: they're famed for their increased stability and smoother riding quality.


29 inch wheels also have a larger contact patch with the ground. This means better traction whether you're hitting the berms, grinding up a steep climb or braking at the end of your run.


Pros of 29 inch wheels:

  • Increased stability and traction

Both diameter and width increase your ability to keep contact with the ground,it has an easier time rolling over obstacles like roots, rocks, and logs. The wheels have less of a chance of snagging or stalling on these obstacles too ,Your wheels are less likely to slip causing you to fall and get injuries.

  • Easy to maintain speed

One of the obvious advantages is the bigger wheels which allow for more speed. It takes some time to get up to speed but you’re able to maintain speed much longer with less effort once you get momentum. 


  • Tall People Benefit More

Taller riders often have a harder time finding the right frame that fits. The increased wheel size helps to find tall people the right geometry compared to smaller bikes. This isn’t an advantage for smaller people but even if you’re smaller you won’t have any problems finding the right fit.

  • More Clearance

Because of the bigger wheels, the crank, pedals, and drivetrain are further away from the ground. The increased ground clearance makes it less likely to hit rocks or tree roots.


Who are 29 inch wheels for?

29 inch wheels are popular with:

  1. cross-country riders
  2. trail riders
  3. enduro mountain bikers

They're also great for taller riders.
If you're looking for a mountain bike for everyday trail riding or downhill racing with excellent stability, traction and control, 29 inch wheels are the perfect size.

Beginners will feel more confident with larger wheels, and intermediate riders will be able to push themselves in terms of speed and technique.

If you are interested with the 29inch ebike,you could try our GUNAI GN29.

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