The Importance of Motors for Electric Bicycles

The Importance of Motors for Electric Bicycles - GUNAI

An e-bike is a vehicle that combines a bicycle and an electric motor that provides power through electricity and saves the user's energy while riding. The motor plays a very important role in this.

How the motor works in an e-bike?

The core component of an e-bike is the motor, which is responsible for providing the driving force. Electric motors are usually DC brushless motors, which are simple, efficient and do not require regular maintenance. Electric motors work by generating force through the interaction of electric charges in a magnetic field, which in turn drives the wheels to turn.

What is the difference between different motors?

There are two main types of motors for electric bikes, DC motors and AC motors. There are some differences between these two.

the Direct Current Motor (DC Motor):

Working Principle: Using a DC power supply, the current flows in only one direction, through which a magnetic field is generated inside the motor, thus driving the motor to rotate.
Advantages: simple structure, easy to control, low cost.
Disadvantages: need to use brushes (brushes) to realize the direction of the current switching, brushes will be worn, maintenance costs are high.

AC Motor:

Principle of operation: the use of alternating current power supply, the direction of the current is constantly changing. There are two types of motors: asynchronous motors and synchronous motors.
Asynchronous motors: Generate a magnetic field between the rotor and stator by inducing a current, which pushes the rotor to rotate. Simple structure, suitable for high power applications.
Synchronous motors: The rotor rotates at a speed synchronized with the frequency of the power supply. Better suited for applications requiring high efficiency and precise control.
Advantages: More efficient energy conversion, suitable for different application scenarios.

Overall, DC motors are simple and low-cost and are suitable for general e-bikes. AC motors, on the other hand, are more flexible and able to meet different power and performance requirements, but are relatively more complex. The choice of motor usually depends on the design requirements and budget of the e-bike.

What is Bafang Motor?

Bafang has been a global large manufacturer of e-bike components for over 10 years. Bafang motors provide riders with superior ride performance and turn your bike into a beast. They quietly deliver all the power during the ride, tackling any hill or mountain. You won't hear it when it's on. If you decide to ride without the motor, its light weight means you won't be bothered by a heavy motor. It also reduces the gyroscopic effect when steering at high speeds on city streets. An e-bike with a Bafang motor has a smooth ride and a quiet motor.

What's special about the new GN26 from GUNAI?

GUNAI GN26 is powered by a 500W Bafang  AC motor to provide you with a more stable and comfortable riding experience. It can provide you with the perfect balance between peak torque and efficiency, which is always crucial for e-bikes. Torque is vital for dynamic driving and in the case of this engine it is very powerful, up to 80 Nm . So no terrain is an obstacle for an e-bike equipped in this way. At the same time, the engine with pedal sensors and pedal torsion force sensors continuously monitors the rider's pedaling force and regulates the output power.

Meanwhile, the GUNAI GN26 is powered by a Samsung battery, 17.5AH48V .
Samsung is a globally recognized electronics company with extensive R&D and manufacturing experience in the field of lithium battery technology, and adopts an advanced battery management system to ensure the stability and long life of the battery, as well as to pay more attention to the reliability and safety of the battery. We use Samsung batteries to equip our e-bikes in order to provide a better riding experience for our customers.

Our new product GUNAI GN26 reaches a maximum speed of 42KM/H (speed limit of 25KM/H can be set) It can provide a range of 60-90KM in pedal mode and 40KM in pure electric mode.

It also comes with a front shock absorber to reduce stuttering while riding. With a maximum climb of up to 35 degrees, it allows you to tackle all kinds of terrain with ease.

The GUNAI GN26 is waterproof to IP45, which means that the device will remain operational when subjected to a water jet of 15 liters per minute in all directions. This means that when the device is exposed to a wet environment, or even to a certain level of water spray, it will still be able to protect the internal electronic components from water intrusion, reducing the risk of damage to the device.

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