After Sale Video

 Problems Video
Limit the speed to 25KM/H View
Check VOL on screen View
GN26 Limit the speed View
The role of the gearbox View
Adjusting the brakes View
M5 changes kmh to mph View
Replacement of front forks View
Adjusting the chain View
Installation of the flywheel View
MX25 Remove Battery View
MX25 Measures Battery Voltage View
Changing the Boost Sensor View
Tooth disc removal View
Installation of pedals View
Adjustment of the chain pivot View
Multimeter to measure battery voltage View
Re-insert booster View
Adjusting the Shimano Rear Derailleur View
Replacement of the movement View
Mounting the outer tyre View
Remove the transmission rear protection bracket View
Rear derailleur installation View
Replacement of centre shaft View
GN29 Instrument Parameters View
Replace Throttle View
Measurement of charger voltage View
Adjusting bowl set View
Replacement of M5 display View
Replacement of the mainwires View
Installing the Crank View
Removing the crank View
Tooth disc removal View