Why choose fat tire electric bike?

Why choose fat tire electric bike? - GUNAI
Fat tire electric bikes are among the most recent inventions in bicycle technology. The extra-wide tires (four inches or more) improve comfort and rollover ability, and the electric motor dramatically reduces the effort required to ride the big bike. They can take you almost anywhere: unpaved rail trails, rocky roads, sandy beaches, snowy suburbs, and even urban jungles.

Fat-tire bikes offer better balance and control on almost any surface.You can ride in snow, dirt, sand, pavement, or parks.

Benefits of Riding Electric Fat Tire Bike

  • Makes a bike more stable
With e-bikes, ease of travel is a priority for most buyers. Electric bikes with wider tires are easier to balance on the ground, making travel safer and a lot less of a hassle.

An obvious improvement can be felt when you ride over wet roads, with the wider tires providing better grip on the road in the rain. In addition, fat tires include more and larger grooves that help retain and drain water from the tire's contact surface, thus reducing the risk of Aquaplaning. If you ride in wet weather, slightly less pressure would also be advised to improve traction.

  • Increased Functionality Over Different Terrains
All tires need a certain amount of air pressure to keep them from bottoming out on the rim. Fat tires have a higher air capacity and relatively lower pressure, giving more comfort and traction with a certain amount of tire softness. Skinny tires, on the other hand, have higher pressure and are stiffer, which means a greater likelihood of blowouts. That's why fat tire e-bikes are ideal in snow, sand, mud, woodland and rocky terrain.

You might even try riding over sand at your local beach. Wider tires will allow your bike to travel over sand better, making sure you don’t get stuck.

  • Improved Shock Absorbency & Ride Comfort
The most important factors for a tire to absorb shock is low pressure, followed by width. Fat tires meet both of these conditions. With more air between you and the road, you are guaranteed a softer, smoother ride. The fat tire will absorb slight bumps and vibrations better than a thin tire. This makes every commute much more comfortable and enjoyable.

  • Better Durability
Fat tires are, as implied by the name, thicker than the standard tire. This allows you to maintain these tires for much longer, given that they provide better durability. This helps you save on overhead costs with the vehicle.

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