Return & Refund

If you're looking to cancel or return your order, we're here to help! Generally we accept exchange, return or refund applications within 14 days from the date the item is delivered (subject to the order tracking record).

Note: If you have successfully paid for your order, you accept the following refund policy by default.

 Order Status Requirements Refund Amount
Cancel orders within 48 hours (before dispatch) Apply within 48 hours 100% order amount
Cancel orders OVER 48 hours 
(before dispatch)
- 95% of the order amount
(deduct 5% processing fee)
Dispatched but not signed 1. Reject the package upon arrival.

2. Package returned to our warehouse and pass quality inspection.
70% of the order amount (deduct 10% return shipping fee + 15% restocking fee + 5% order processing fee)
Deliverd 1. Initiate a refund within 14 days of receipt of the goods.
2. The package is unopened and Sealed, and the product is Unassembled.
3. The package is sent and the photos are approved.
80% of the order amount (deduct 15% warehouse restocking fee + 5% order processing fee)
Note: Customer is responsible for all freight charges.