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The bike came in a very neat package. When I opened the box and took the pieces out I found that the quality is very high. The bike is much more beautiful than it appears in the photos. It's like a small motorcycle. Everyone stares at you on the street. I must also say that the company's service is high level and is next to you to everything you need.


i had doubts about ordering this.. but i can tell you that the bike is AMAZING , and is more then I expected.
order it, you will not regreted !!!
well pack, easy to assambly, and good quality of the materials .

Great bike 👍🏼 Exactly what I wanted!

I've been riding this bike for a week now, and I'm incredibly pleased with it.

It handles very well and accelerates quickly. One motor is sufficient to easily reach speeds of 40+ km/h, and in dual motor mode, it goes up to 60 km/h, and it feels like it's capable of even more.

No hill is a problem for it. The suspension is very good, and the seat is comfortable. Going over curbs or road bumps feels smooth and comfortable.

The brakes also work great and are easily adjustable.

The materials used in the assembly of this bike are of decent quality. Nothing creaks, cracks, or produces any other unpleasant sounds.

The weight of the bike doesn't cause any discomfort during use, and if you need to carry it somewhere uphill, you can always use the throttle.

Plus, in my opinion, it's one of the best-looking electric fat bikes, attracting the attention of other cyclists and pedestrians.

In one week of use, I haven't found any significant downsides that would cause discomfort in using the bike. But there are a couple of minor points: for example, the bulb inside the front light was installed slightly crooked, causing the light to shine a bit unevenly. Also, there are a few spots on the rack where the paint is chipped, and I hope it won't start rusting there. I also don’t like that the rear light doesn’t work directly from the battery like the front light and doesn’t light up when you brake. I think this is really missing. And I also don’t particularly like the handles on the handlebar; they look and feel a bit cheap compared to everything else on this bike.

Considering everything said above and taking into account the price of this bike, I would confidently give it 4.5 stars. For this money, you’re unlikely to find anything better.

Let's see how it performs going forward.


Hallo zusammen, ich habe mir das E-Bike bestellt und wollte wissen wie lange die Lieferzeit bei euch war.

Markus Bäcklund
Excellent e-fatbike

Simple to assemble. All the necessary tools included also which is a big plus! Riding this just makes you smile!