What is an All-Wheel-Drive(Dual motor) electric bike?

What is an All-Wheel-Drive(Dual motor) electric bike? - GUNAI

What Is an AWD Electric Bike?

An AWD electric bike has two motors, one on each wheel. The two motors don't mean you can ride twice as fast due to legal and technical reasons.

However, a dual motor electric bike benefits you in several other ways. 



Advantages of Riding an AWD Electric Bike

  • More Powerful

The largest and most sought after benefit to a Dual Motor Ebike is the added pickup, torque and top end speed that comes with having a second motor. This means you can scramble up steep inclines littered with gravel and tree roots. Also, if your AWD electric bike is fitted with fat tires, you can ride through soft mud, sand, and snow, making your electric bike more versatile.

  • Less Damage to Trails 

As the power is equally split between both wheels, you can be kinder to off-road trails. when riding on trails in the National Park system single wheel E-Bikes tear up the trails more than a AWD E-Bike of equal power.

  • All Year Round Cycling 

Many people pack their bikes away for the winter, but those with dual motor ebikes can keep riding. This is because the extra traction from the AWD system makes it possible for you to ride over any surface without worrying that your wheels will wash out or get stuck.

  • Faster Acceleration 

Using both motors simultaneously makes the bike accelerate faster than a regular ebike. You'll notice the benefits when you need to power up short, steep climbs. But, this faster acceleration is also great when commuting, as you can easily keep up with traffic, increasing your safety in urban environments.

  • Improved Handling

An AWD electric bike isn't just good off-road; you'll also notice improved handling on paved surfaces. This is because all the power is delivered to the ground providing additional traction and more confidence while cornering.The front motor also assists in pulling you through the corners.



Regardless of where you live, it’s likely you get at least occasional bad weather. Whether it’s snow, rain or anything in between, you’ll certainly sleep better knowing you have an GUNAI GN88 AWD™ E-Bike when the going gets really tough.

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