The GUNAI Power Assist System (G-PAS) is the exclusive technology of the GUNAI team. G-PAS is matched with the controller to optimize the drive of the motor, which can realize the high-efficiency conversion efficiency of the motor and avoid excessive power loss. Therefore, the battery life can be delayed, and the electric cruising range of the electric bicycle can be greatly increased.


Our technology team keeps researching and innovating to upgrade our products. And new technological breakthroughs have been achieved in 2021. Compared with 2020, our system has the advantages of higher stability, smoother operation, lower noise, and lower maintenance rate...


The original intention of the GUNAI brand is to build a green and environmentally friendly platform to allow more people to participate in a low-carbon lifestyle. Our research direction has always been to use the latest high technology to improve energy conversion efficiency to achieve this goal."Environmental protection and energy saving, we do it for the world; fashion and safety, we do it for you." This is one of the tenets of our product design.


Welcome everyone to join us, let's experience the difference of G-PAS technology!