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Tips for safety riding - GUNAI

Electric bikes are on the rise and we are soon starting to see how they have the potential to reshape urban transport as we know it. Not only is it convenient and can reduce traffic congestion, but it is also becoming a topic of concern regarding e-bike safety. If you are an e-bike enthusiast, you should know the following 5 tips:

1.Check before riding
Please ensure that all parts are fitted before riding, install videos please refer to:
GN54 :

2.Wear a helmet
When commuting, full face downhill helmets offer better protection than a normal bike helmets as they also cover the chin and face.

3.Be visible
With both pedestrians and drivers distracted with their cell phones, so it helps to wear the brightest colors! Bike flags can also help during the day and blinking lights are effective at night!

4. Add Mirrors
Mirrors help you see behind you without turning your head. With mirrors, you can minimize the amount of time you move your head from looking straight ahead.

Whether you ride in city traffic or on trails, you need visibility on all sides of your bike. A small investment in a mirror could prevent you from getting rear-ended, reducing the accidents you experience and keeping you and others safer when you ride your bike.

5.Follow the traffic rules
Just because you are on an e-bike, you cannot expect the Police to side with you in an accident. Breaking laws and not following traffic devices can lead to accidents along with fines and prosecution.


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