Smooth in the snow, a new option for Christmas city adventures!

Smooth in the snow, a new option for Christmas city adventures! - GUNAI

During the Christmas season, cities are covered with snow, embellished with a rich festive atmosphere.

At this special time of year, we recommend an e-bike that complements the snow and adds fun to your urban adventure while contributing to the environment.

  • Unique four-season adaptability, smooth ride in the snow

GUNAI MX25 - This e-bike is not only a powerful companion for urban adventure, but also a great tool for traveling in the snow.

Designed for the snowy season, it is equipped with excellent non-slip tires and a powerful drive system, allowing you to easily navigate through snowy city streets and enjoy the fun of riding in the snow.

An e-bike that can shuttle freely in the snow, so that your urban adventure is no longer limited by the seasons.

  • Strong Power, Steady Ride

Snow adventures require power, and the GUNAI MX25 is built for it. The efficient electric powertrain ensures that you always have enough power to keep you going in the snow.

Whether it's a city trail or a snowy field in the countryside, it can easily cope with it, bringing you a more stable and powerful driving experience.

  • Water-resistant design for trouble-free driving in the snow

Specially designed for snowy environments, MX25 adopts a waterproof design to ensure that you can run smoothly on slippery surfaces.

Even on snow-covered surfaces, this e-bike offers excellent waterproof performance, making your urban adventure snow-free.

  • Bright Lights for Snowy Nights

As night falls, city lights shine brightly. This e-bike is equipped with superb lights that not only illuminate the road ahead, but also bring you a cozy and romantic night. With this kind of lighting, you will enjoy the beauty of snowy nights with more peace of mind.

Choose the GUNAI MX25, an e-bike made for the snow, to make your urban adventure even more unique and fun. This is not only an eco-friendly travel choice, but also brings you a brand new experience of snow riding. In this special season, let the e-bike become a bright landscape for you and your family and friends to enjoy the city together.


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