What is an electric cargo bike?

What is an electric cargo bike? - GUNAI

What is an electric cargo bike?

A cargo bike is a bike designed to carry loads. They are equipped with a sturdy frame, large cargo capacity,delivery box.


The adult eletric bike With a 48V 28AH removable lithium battery, this bike can travel up to 100-175km ,and it depends on your riding mode,making it perfect for long-distance delivery services.No need to worry about running out of power on long journeys or deliveries

What can you use an electric cargo bike for?


Electric cargo bikes are a really versatile option for a range of load-lugging duties.

The GN66 electric cargo bike can be fitted with a front basket and rear rack, both of which are available to you as a bonus. This way you can make your electric bicyle even more practical, whether it's a trip to the supermarket or taking your pet out with you, it will meet your needs.

Not only suitable for delivery services, but also as a means of transport, sightseeing touring, and long range travel etc.


For short urban deliveries, electric cargo bikes provide a viable alternative to motorised vehicles. They’re as fast as a van, non-polluting, cheaper and parking is less of an issue.


In addition to being environmentally friendly, cargo bikes offer several other benefits for businesses. They are more cost-effective to operate than traditional delivery trucks, as they require less maintenance and have lower fuel costs. They are also faster in congested urban areas, allowing for quicker deliveries and improved customer satisfaction.

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