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Rower prezentuje się elegancko, czas złożenia to ok 30 min po wyciągnięciu z pudła. W terenie sprawuje się ekstra mocny silnik, szerokie opony i wystarczające skoki amorów. Polecam dla każdego amatora jazdy rowerem w terenie. Super


Incredibile bici elettrica. Forte robusto. Davvero potente. Sembra più una moto che una bicicletta. Preparatevi a essere fermati dalle persone interessate a fotografare questa bestia. Lo adoro .

Marius Necsanu
Very good and strong ebike

For starters, this electric bike looks and feels like a mini motorcycle.The engine is powerful and with the assistance given on 5 I managed to reach almost 60 km per hour.I am very satisfied with her and recommend her to anyone.


Je tiens à partager mon expérience positive avec Gunia. La livraison a été satisfaisante, le vélo est magnifique et le montage relativement facile. J'ai particulièrement apprécié le comportement du vélo lors d'essais de 70 km sur un terrain varié, avec un freinage excellent et une puissance au rendez-vous. L'autonomie semble également très bonne. J'ai pris le temps de réfléchir avant mon achat, et je ne le regrette pas. Le service a été sérieux et disponible. Je donne 5 étoiles et recommande Gunia aux futurs acheteurs

Aaro N.
Probably the only honest review out of these 5 star ones.

First, let's get some negative things to say out of the way.
GUNAI offers their customers to choose a bike lock or a phone holder for a 5 star review. The tire size is set wrong out of the box (26.0 when it's supposed to be 20.0). The 3A charger is pretty noisy. Out of the box the chain got stuck when I shifted to 7th gear, shifting had to be adjusted. The shifter broke within 2 days of use.

Now for some stuff that isn't good, but not bad either.
The rear light, turn signal lights, brake light and front light could be brighter. Works well in the dark, barely visible on a bright, sunny day. When the battery is locked in place, it still shakes around a little bit, making the bike sound like a toy when driving on rough terrain or off-road. Suspension isn't non-existent, not great either, but I guess you get what you pay for.

Now, for the stuff that's good.
The battery capacity is big, the bike is powerful, the saddle is comfortable, the brakes are nice and the fenders do their job well.

With all that said, overall, would I recommend this bike? Yeah, I would.