Troubleshooting common ebike issues. 

The power cannot be turned on, and the bicycle cannot work

1. First check whether the key is already in the position to turn on the bicycle. (There are three positions in total).Can the headlights and horn be used normally?

2. Check the appearance of the bicycle to see if there is any broken/short-circuited wires.

3. Check whether the power switch on the handlebar is normal. If it is hit or damaged, the switch needs to be replaced.

4. Check whether there are impurities or poor contact between the output port of the battery and the contact of the controller.

5. If you have a voltmeter, or your neighbor has a voltmeter, you can check whether the voltage of the battery output port is normal.


The power can be turned on, but the motor does not work

1. If there is no error code on the screen, please check if there is any damage to the motor cable.

2. Unplug the motor cable and plug it in again. (The interface of the motor cable is on the edge of the rear triangle of the frame.)

3. Enter the setting mode of the screen and check whether the parameters are set incorrectly. You can ask GUNAI customer service for the factory parameters.


Error code

1. If any error codes appear on your screen, please refer to the table on the next page.

2. We recommend that you replug and unplug the wires of the controller and the motor after any error code appears, because the error code is likely to be caused by loose wires.

3. *You need to pay attention to the operation one by one when you plug and unplug the wires again, so as not to forget how the wires are connected.

4. If the error code still exists after plugging and unplugging the cable, please take a photo of the error code displayed on the screen and send it to us, then we will solve the problem for you or provide you with effective suggestions.

5. When encountering any Error code, we suggest you contact our email or WhatsApp to facilitate sending photos/videos to each other.This is so that we can solve your problems faster and more effectively.




The Reason Why the E-code Appearance


Normal status

Need to restart or replug the wire.


Brake failure

The brake cable may be broken.


Battery undervoltage

Battery voltage is too low or damaged.


Motor failure

①Loose motor cable plug;

②The motor is damaged.


Throttle handle failure

①Twisted the handle before turning on the screen;②Loose plug;③The handle is damaged


Controller failure

The controller is damaged.


Communication (receive) failure

①The controller is broken;
②The screen (instrument) is damaged.


Communication (transmit) failure

①The screen (instrument) wire is loose;

②The screen (instrument) is damaged.


BMS failure

Need to replace the battery protection board.


Protocol error

The parameter of P20 is not set to 0.