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GUNAI 3200W Foldable Electric Scooter with 60V Lithium Battery Maximum Speed 70km/h Dual Drive 11 Inches Commuter Scooter

Safe Brake System:CNC integrated electric control oil brake,ou can easily avoid unexpected events and quickly control the speed of the car.
Shock Absorption:11 inch off-road domineering CST tire,which can conquer the mountain hills,ride at the city road is also very comfortable.the two shock-absorbing support shops,which exerts the maximum cushioning effect of shock absorption.
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    3200W Motor Double Drive 11 inch Off-road Electric Scooter

    CST 11 inch off-road vacuum tire which could conquer all terrain,the climbing angle is 45°, could easy go uphill. CNC intergrated front and real oil brake, the single motor power up to 1600W, which could drive 90km in economic model when test. Applicable to all major groups: adults, students, office workers and outdoor sports enthusiasts etc.

    Product Details:

    Double Brake System

    Front and Rear Oil Braking System Features a disc braking system and a regenerative anti-lock braking system for an effective and responsive braking distance of up to 3.5 meters.

    Foldable  and Portable

    Open and fold in 3 seconds, could be taken in and out of the elevator, or put it in the trunk of the car. Suitable for men/women Working commute and downtown travel.

    Ultra-long Endurance Capability

    The 60V 24AH Lithium battery could be fully charged within 5-6 hours, which could drive around 90km in economic mode when testing. The real situation is base on the person weight, battery and road situation.


    3-1 3-2 

    Shock Absorption System

    Dual front and rear suspensions makes this an all terrain scooter while maintaining the highest level of comfort.

    Off-road Vacuum Tire

    CST 11 inch off-road domineering vacuum tire, which not only could conquer the mountain hills, the city road is also very comfortable.

    Safe Driving at Night

    The 2 bright headlight have 3 modes: Highlight, dual flash and Power saving mode. With the tail warning light and side light to make sure you ride safely at night.


    Multifuctional Handlebar

    The meter could adjust the speed, check the remaining power, riding distance and other parameters.

    The yellow button is the speed driving mode selection button,press and hold state is low speed mode,and the pop-up status is the high speed mode.

    The red button is to choose the single/dual motor and hold state is dual motor,and the pop-up status is the single motor system.

    Product Parameters:

    Wheel size: 11 inch

    Product weight: 37kg

    Max load: 150kg

    Engine power: 3200w

    Battery: 60V 24AH

    Climbing angle: 45°

    Product Size: 125*60*127 cm

    Folding size: 120*50*42 cm


    1. Beginners or old and weak are prohibited from using high speed mode and dual drive mode.

    2. Downhill prohibits acceleration.

    3. Do not touch the motor or brake parts, it is easy to hurt.

    4. Confirm that the folding position is fixed before riding.

    • Battery capacity
      60V 24AH
    • Motor Power
      60V 3200W
    • Maximum speed
    • Display method
      LCD instrument
    • Wheel size
    • Product Size
      125 * 60 * 127cm
    • Folding size
      120 * 50 * 42cm
    • Brake type
      CNC integrated electric control oil brake
    • Gross weight
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