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Notes on the battery!    Product notice    Notes on the battery!

What you need to know about batteries:

1.During riding, frequent braking will result in shorter riding mileage. When the voltage is lower than half, please charge it in time. If you ride under the condition of low voltage for a long time, it will affect the battery life.

2.*If you do not use an electric bicycle for a long time, please charge the battery regularly. It is recommended to charge the battery once a month. (Because the battery will discharge slowly even when not in use, if the battery is over-discharged, it may cause irreversible damage.)

3.*The batteries of any electronic devices (such as mobile phones, cameras, computers, etc.) are not allowed to come into contact with water. If you find that water has entered the battery, please do not use the battery until it is completely dry to avoid burning the battery or fire. Water in the battery may cause damage to the battery/deterioration of life. Damage caused by water in the battery is not covered by the warranty.

4.The battery is not allowed to be stored/used under the scorching sun or at a high temperature above 60°C.Be careful not to drop, shock or squeeze the battery to avoid damage to the battery.

5.When charging the battery, please use the special battery charger provided by GUNAI , and it is strictly prohibited to use non-original chargers.

6.If you want to buy a spare battery, please buy the original battery in the GUNAI store. If you can't find the purchase link, you can consult GUNAI customer service. If you use non-original chargers or batteries that cause damage to other parts of the bicycle/scooter (such as controllers, motors, batteries), you will need to purchase other damaged parts.


How to charge the battery correctly:

1.You must first plug the charger's charging port into the battery  charging port, and then plug the charger's plug into the power source.
*Please follow this order! ! !

2.When the indicator light of the charger changes from red to green, it means that the battery is fully charged.Under normal circumstances, it takes 4-6 hours from a dead battery to a full charge.(Scooter`s battery needs almost 6-8 hours.)

3.In order to ensure safety, the battery should be placed out of the reach of children when charging and there should be no other high-power electronic products or flammable or explosive materials around the battery.It is forbidden to use the charger in an environment with excessive smoke, dust, humidity, and direct sunlight. Do not use the charger during thunderstorms. Please maintain good ventilation and heat dissipation conditions when the charger is working.

2020/07/16 16:57