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Peter Meaney
Solid Bike

An amazing bike.
Both while cycling and electric powered, the range of gears both are the same. Amazing quality.
Extra features like LCD display and lights and simple installation means you can be on the road the same day you get your delivery!

Wish I had of bought it alot sooner!!!

Good esxperience for good bikes

I have received my 2 bikes on time, easy to build and nice to ride !

olivier quenel

J'ai acheté deux vélos, avec la vidéo que le site m'a donné monté en quelques minutes très très bon vélo, de bonne qualité, je je suis très satisfait de l'achat de mes vélos

Farmer Pete
just right for my needs

I needed a bike for getting to work and for checking on livestock across open fields. My commute is not far, just 5kms but up and down very steep hills. 75% of is on rough roads or tracks, and 25% on open fields. Had the bike just over a year, have done over 2000kms without a problem. I use the electric motor as an assist to pedalling rather than just using the electric alone. I get 120kms+ per charge, though this depends on power usage. I use the bike in heavy rain, snow and ice, and hot weather (30c), and not had a problem. However I have uprated the brake pads and are planning to change a few things about the bike.

The saddle is uncomfortable but yet to find a better alternative. I also need the handlebar to be higher and nearer to me, so looking for an after-market item to resolve this as the item on the bike cannot really be adjusted. The rear light ideally should be wired into the bike battery as per the front one as its battery does not last long.

Overall a heavy but good bike for off-road use, but not ideal for just road work. The battery and motor have not given me any issues, the power is great though I tend to only use levels 1 to 3 as 4 and 5 are not practical for my needs. Tyres are still good, only one puncture so far. You will need to keep the chain and gears well lubricated.

Very pleased with the bike and it does exactly what I wanted. Would recommend.

Dermot Hall
Super bike

This bike is unreal, everything about it is excellent,wish I had bought it ages ago