Política de envío

Shipping Area

GUNAI offers free DPD/UPS Ground shipping on qualified orders. Only valid for orders in most European countries. Parcels are usually sent from the Czech Republic or Poland. We cannot deliver to any island.

• Orders for second-hand bicycles or scooters will be sent from our French/Spanish after-sales service shop.


Traffic Laws

We cannot clearly understand the traffic laws of all countries/regions/cities, so customers who purchase GUNAI electric bicycles/scooters should confirm whether the traffic laws of your city allow our products to ride on the streets before purchasing. We can provide CE and COC certificates, in addition, you can ask our customer service.
If the customer has not confirmed whether the product is compliant before purchasing, and needs to return the product after receiving the package and using our product because it does not comply with traffic laws, then the customer needs to pay for the shipping and return of the package, and need to pay a certain amount Usage fee.
Thank you for your understanding.


Process and Delivery Times

For models that have inventory in the European warehouse, the order will be shipped with an order shipping label and shipped within 3-5 working days. Depending on the distance between the destination and our warehouse, the delivery time is usually 5-7 days, depending on the efficiency of the third-party logistics company.
If the model is out of stock at this time, we will tell you whether the model is in replenishment status and tell you how long you need to wait.
Of course, you can ask us whether the model you expect is in stock before buying.
Orders are not processed on Saturday or Sunday.


Track your order

• Usually, when your order is dispatched we'll send you an email or you can cheak on your order details with your tracking number so you can follow the packet.

• When we provide the tracking number, it proves that the package has been shipped. If you have not found any tracking information, it may be because the third-party logistics staff has not had time to scan your package, or you need to wait for the package to arrive at the next station. Please be patient.

• Regarding the delivery of accessories: accessories are generally shipped from China, and the delivery time for ordinary accessories is about 7-15 days, depending on whether the customs clearance is fast.
The battery contains chemical substances, so the customs requires strict inspection, so the delivery time of the battery is about 22-25 days.
All accessories sent from China can only be tracked after customs clearance.