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Vesa Linti
Handsome appearance

The GUNAI MX25 has a very special and cool shape, different from other ordinary mountain bikes, and it turns heads, many of my friends come to ask me about it.

Julian Thur
ride outdoors

I have friends who like to ride outdoors on weekends like a trip, but my small electric bike doesn't support me cycling with them, so I'm determined to buy a mountain bike. I have to say that I was attracted by the appearance of GUNAI MX25. This model is relatively rare in electric bicycles. It really looks like a motorcycle, especially the tires and the big lights. When it arrived, I rode it to meet my friends and they loved the GUNAI MX25 too, it was great.

Paul Murphy
Cool Bike

I rarely write reviews because I always feel like I have nothing to say. But for GUNAI MX25, I have to say it's really coooool!!! When I browsed to the GUNAI MX25's page, I was immediately attracted to it, and after roughly browsing the details page, I placed my order very quickly. After waiting for about 7 or 8 days, my GUNAI MX25 finally arrived. The headlight on the front of the car really has the feeling of a motorcycle. Its tires are very wide, and it is very stable when riding, and you can feel a strong grip. The position of the entire body is low, a bit like a professional competitive bike. I can even imagine riding the GUNAI MX25 in the wind.

Lukasz Dom
Ride faster

the bike is beautiful I am 1.85 tall and weigh 100 kg and has no problems maximum speed 60 km but for a lighter person goes even faster, only with electric use makes 40 km


the bike size is perfect. The wheels seem even wider than in the pictures. Very good autonomy and high speed. I highly recommend this MX25