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Home    E-Scooter    GN10    GUNAI Electric Scooter 3200W Dual Motor 11 inch Off-Road Vacuum Tires Folding Scooter with 60V 26 AH Lithium Battery

GUNAI Electric Scooter 3200W Dual Motor 11 inch Off-Road Vacuum Tires Folding Scooter with 60V 26 AH Lithium Battery

【ULTRA WIDE OFF-ROAD TIRES】 The 11 inch off-road tires can run with high-grip on the dirt road. And easy to climb any gradient you likely encounter.
【Searchlights and HD Dial Display】With wide-angle lighting design, the illumination range is wider and farther. It is more conducive to riding at night. HD dial display,can adjust the speed, check the remaining power, riding distance and other paramet
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  • Why Choose Our GN10 Electric scooter?

    GUNAI Electric Scooter with 3200W Dual Motor 11 inch Off-Road Vacuum Tires,Double Disc Brake Foldable Scooter with 60V 26 AH Lithium Battery,With wide-angle lighting design, the illumination range is wider and farther.Double damping device, with hydraulic pressure and high elastic spring shock absorption,comfortable riding experience, coping More complex road conditions.

    Product Details:


    2-1 2-2 2-3

    Long range headlight and LED side lamp

    Widened and thickened acrylic pedal,let your stance is unconstrained and safer.With LED running light design is more beautiful.Keep you safety to ride at night.Have 3 lamps:Head lamp,side lamp, brake lamp.

    Four-fold shock absorber

    Four-fold shock absorber, provides you with safe and stable shock absorption, better adapt to off-road terrain.

    Bold metal shock absorber

    Bold metal shock absorber, rear shock absorption design, provides you with a full range of cushioning, making driving safer and more stable.

    3-1 3-2 3-3

    Foldable portable design

    Open and fold in 3 seconds, could be taken in and out of the elevator, or put it in the trunk of the car. Suitable for men/women Working commute and downtown travel.

    Adjustable height design

    The front handlebar and the seat is telescopically adjustable, and the adjustment buckle is pressed down to complete the telescopic movement, which can be adjusted freely according to your height.

    Ultra wide off-road tires

    The 11 inch off-road tires can run with high-grip on the dirt road. And easy to climb any gradient you likely encounter,it is durable and is suitable for more terrain. It is ideal for off-road activities and riding in the wild.


    The front handlebar and Multifunctional display

    The handlebars are ergonomically designed to make them more comfortable to hold.The meter let you stay alert of the electric quantity display, gear adjustment, speed display, mileage display.




    Product Parameters:

    Material: aluminum alloy + iron                      

    Max speed: 85-90 km/h

    Driving distance: 100-110 km

    Motor power: 3200W

    Tire: 11 inches off-road tire

    Braking mode: hydraulic oil brake

    Maximum load: 150KG

    Product weight: 60.5kg

    Max climb: 45-65 degrees


    1.Beginners or seniors are prohibited from using high speed mode and dual drive mode.

    2. Downhill prohibits acceleration. 

    3. Do not touch the motor or brake parts, it is easy to hurt.

    4. Confirm that the folding position is fixed before riding.




    • Motor Power
    • Maximum speed
    • Display method
      LCD instrument
    • Wheel size
    • Gross weight
    • Package dimensions
    • Weight capacity
    • Brake type
      Front disc brake, rear oil brake
    • Battery capacity
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