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Home    E-Bike    MX02s    GUNAI Electric Off-road Bikes Fat Bike 26” 4.0 Tire E-Bike 1000w 48V Electric Mountain Bike(BLUE)

GUNAI Electric Off-road Bikes Fat Bike 26” 4.0 Tire E-Bike 1000w 48V Electric Mountain Bike(BLUE)

【48V 17AH LITHIUM BATTERY】You can enjoy a 50-100km trip with pedal assisted under full electric power. GUNAI MX02 Electric Mountain Bike supports over 500 times recharge cycle and only 6-8 hours charging time from 0 power to the full. It comes with both UK and EU standard plugs which are available for UK and EU .
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  • Why Choose Our MG02 Fat Tire Electric Bike?

    The MG02 electric bicycle consists of a durable 6061 aluminum alloy frame and a full suspension fork, which provides smooth cushioning and reduces vibration when riding on rugged terrain, thereby achieving a comfortable riding experience. You can choose between two colors. For transport protection, 90% of the parts are pre-assembled when the bicycle is received. Just assemble front wheels, saddles, pedals and handles, see user manual. The package includes an electric bicycle body, battery, charger, fender, inflator, front pocket, key, hexagon wrench, LED headlight, bell and basket.


    26 x 4.0 tires

    Uses Chaoyang tires with excellent running and abrasion resistance to reduce bouncing on bumpy roads and improve ride comfort.

    LED headlight

    LED headlights that illuminate far away can be used safely at night.

    17Ah 48V large capacity battery

    Large capacity 17Ah type lithium battery integrated with frame. Optimal battery capacity for those who want to enjoy longer running.

    Liquid crystal display

    The 3.5-inch LCD displays power, speed, mileage and headlights.


    Shimano components

    The Shimano 21-speed TX 55 / 7-speed pull has a 5-speed shift and a wide gear ratio, so it can be widely used in different road conditions.

    Front suspension

    High-strength adjustable front suspension fork (lockable and unlockable).

    Foot booster

    Non-slip Foot boosterl,Prevent danger from slipping during pedaling,The use of more advanced gear discs makes it smoother when pedaling.

    Fluffy saddle

    It has excellent cushioning properties and is less tiring when riding on unpaved roads. Can be adjusted optimally according to your height.

    High power motor

    The 1000W BAFANG M series motor can be mounted discreetly on various electric bicycles due to its compact design, providing high power and most stable electric bicycle.

    Product Parameters:


    Brake system: front and rear XOD hydraulic disc brake

    Transmission system: 21-speed Shinmano (3 x front 7 x rear)

    Tires: 26 x 4.0 inch snow tires

    Frame material: aluminum alloy

    Battery: 48V / 17Ah lithium battery

    Applicable height: 165-195 cm

    Weight: 36 KG

    Maximum speed: 35 km/h


    1. Beginners or seniors are prohibited from using high speed mode and dual drive mode.

    2. Downhill prohibits acceleration.

    3. Do not touch the motor or brake parts, it is easy to hurt.

    4. Confirm that the folding position is fixed before riding.

    • Battery capacity
    • Battery weight
    • Motor Power
    • Maximum speed
    • Weight capacity
    • Net weight
    • Package weight
    • Package dimensions
    • Tire specifications
    • Brake type
      Front and rear XOD hydraulic disc brakes
    • Transmission brand and specifications
      Shimano, TX55/7 speed pull
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